Repair and restoration

Veneering Work

Prestige prides themselves on their amazing wood veneering abilities. If you have a piece of antique furniture that requires a new wood veneer, or if you have antique furnishings where the pre-existing woods veneer is damaged or requires replacing, Prestige can help. They will have an in depth discussion with the customer before they start any work to gain a firm understanding of what colour, style and finish the customer is looking for. Prestige will then get to work – the finished results are outstanding.

Furniture Restoration

Over the course of time, beautiful and traditional furniture can become worn and tired looking – a shadow of its once glorious self. Prestige French polishers can restore your antique furniture back to its original glory. In their many years of experience, Prestige have seen vast amounts of antique’s which have been deemed “irreparable”, but with a little bit of tender love and care, have been able to breathe life back into them.


Changes to the environment are the biggest causes of wood damage. What makes this kind of damage worse is it can happen over long periods of time and can often go unnoticed. The biggest environmental factors that can affect the wood are things like moisture, humidity levels, changes in temperature and exposure to UV light. Prestige can carry out repairs to wood by utilizing reclaimed timber and produce and fit reconstructions of missing details like mouldings and intricately carved shapes. They can also repair and strengthen weakened or broken fixtures and joints.

Get in Touch

Prestige would love to hear from you if you have a project in mind that could use some tender love and care to bring it back to life. Even if you have a piece of period furniture that you feel is beyond repair, nine times out of ten, we can restore it.

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